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Simply Works Core 1.5.4

Simply Works Core 1.5.4 was released today and available at:

One of the most common questions I receive is: “How do I turn off comment?” . I was reluctant to add this feature to the theme since you can turn off comments in WordPress under discussion.

The latest free version as a new theme option section called Page/Post Options.  Here you can turn off (or back on) Comments, Author, Date, Categories (filed under in this theme), and Tags site wide, easily without losing your individual post setting, if you ever decide to change back just turn them back on.  It a simple “override” that Simply Works!

simply works core theme options 1.5.4

About: Jason Huber

Jason Huber is a multi-disciplinary, award winning web developer specializing application development and user experience.


  1. Kari Sädeaho says:

    I am building Website using Simply Works Core 1.5.4. It is not published yet.
    So far looks pretty good! WordPress version is 3.2.1.

    I would like to use WPML – The WordPress Multilingual Plugin with it
    But before purchasing it, there is a Question?

    Didn’t find Simply Works on WPML’s Multilingual Ready Themes-list

    They advised to ask from the Author.

    Would you kindly answer

    Regards Kari

  2. Matt says:

    Hi Jason,

    Looks like a useful improvement. Thanks!

    I just have two quick questions.

    Is there any way to update the theme preserving changes I’ve made to the code?

    Can I increase the main body width to accommodate an adsense link unit below the main menu that is 728 pixels wide?

    Thanks for any help!

    • Jason Huber says:

      Hi Matt,

      Use the provided sample-child-theme. Move this folder up one level (into the theme folder). Then make “Child Theme for the Simply Works Core” the selected theme and make your changes in sample-child-theme/style.css

      See the read me file included for more information. In future upgrades, this files (changes) will not be over written because they are outside the scope of the simply-works-core folder.


  3. Matt says:

    Hi again Jason,

    Is it just me or is it not possible for edits in the footer.php file in the new update to take effect when the page is displayed?

    That’s where I’ve been linking to my contact and privacy info pages.


  4. Mike says:

    Hi, Where can I find the code to change the color of links in my posts?

    • Jason Huber says:


      I depends if you are using one the color themes. They override the default, but with that said, If you just want to change only the post content link add this to your style.css file.

      #contentarea a {color: #880000;}
      #contentarea a:visited {color: #880000;}
      #contentarea a:hover {color: #333333;}
      #contentarea a:focus {color: #880000;}
      #contentarea a:active {color: #880000;}


  5. Randy says:

    Hi Jason,
    I must have done something wrong. For some reason all my posts are displayed in full in the category page and just can’t get around to have only the first part of every post displayed along with a More button like you have in your sample site. Is there any setting that I missed? Thanks!

    • Jason Huber says:

      Hi Randy,
      You need to insert the “more tag” into your post.


      • Randy says:

        Thanks Jason! I got it now.

      • Mike says:

        I had the same issue. Can you elaborate on what you mean by insert “more tag”? Do you mean add that to the tag section? Or in the body of the post? I apologize for my dim witted brain! lol Thanks for answering all the questions!


      • Jason Huber says:


        The “Insert More Tag” is in the top row in the post html tool bar. If you edit in HTML mode the button is simply “more”.

        It will add to the code of your post and this where post will have the Read More button to read the rest of the post.


    • Moeghan says:

      Hi Jason,
      Can you create a separate page.php on the next update? Since this will greatly simplify our work not to use “more tag”. We can make index.php be a clean page by adding the excerpt function than using the “more tag” every time we make a post.


  6. Dana Jaunzemis says:

    Why is my header taller than the one shown on your sites. I would like to have the header like it is on your demo site, but mine is taller. How do I change the header size?

    Theme looks great, Thanks!

  7. Dana Jaunzemis says:

    Thank you!! That worked after a few tries. Everytime I open the Options screen it loses my color scheme chosen and reverts back to default. Seems the other option areas stay as I last set them, but I have to choose my color everytime … any chance that can be fixed in the next update.

    Is there anyplace to subscribe to your website, blog or updates, so we can keep up with comments, etc

    Great looking theme, thanks a lot and look forward to future tweaks.
    Thanks!!! Dana

  8. Steve says:

    Hi Jason, when I display a flash ad using a text widget, the rest of the widgets in the sidebars below disappear. However, if I display it right at the bottom, the others are still there. Is there an easy fix for this?

  9. Steve says:

    Also, could you please recommend the best way to display social media buttons for visitors to easily follow RSS, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The plugins I’ve tried (which work well on other themes) tend to stack vertically in the sidebar instead of horizontally like they’re meant to. Thanks!

  10. Wicked Mike says:

    Lovely having the option to turn all those off. Looks so much cleaner!

  11. Matt says:

    Hi all,

    how might I be able to change the style of the read more button? I’d like to make it smaller.



  12. Andrew Canepari says:

    Hi Jason,

    Love the theme!

    I’m a new convert to wordpress (longtime Blogger user) so I’m having trouble with a couple of things.

    The biggest issue I’ve run into so far is figuring out how, if possible, to add a 728×90 banner to the header where the theme currently has a place holder for a 468×90 banner. This is to the right of my logo.

    If you can point me in the right direction I’d really appreciate it.


    • Jason Huber says:


      You will need to make changes to style.css file:
      1) change the headerleft property width down to 180 pixels or so.
      #headerleft {
      width: 180px;

      2) change the headerright property width to 730 pixels
      #headerright {
      width: 730px;

      You will find both of these around line 115 and 145 or so in the style.css file


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