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Simply Works Core 1.5.2 is here

Just released Simply Works Core 1.5.2 WordPress Theme.  This release was a complete review and rewrite of the code to update the theme and to make the code more flexible moving forward.  A few new features where changed or added including:

New one page for theme options
Comments completely restyled
Background issues bug corrected
Data security updated and improved

Again, this release was a necessary step for future theme options and development.

Technical Details

# 2011.08.16 – version 1.5.2
– Removed – Check for theme option swc_analytics_code from the header.php
– Added – wp_head function to functions.php to check if theme option is set.
– Correction – added swc prefix to $options varible in the header.php
– Removed – The feed declaration in Line 17 of header.php automatic feed are supported
– Bug Fix – 404.php add text domain to the title <h2> tag
– Added – wp_enqueue_style to optional color change .css
– Bug Fix – Completely reworked the comment style.css and all skins style.css sheets to clear up display issues
– Moved – Functions swc_fields out of the comments.php to it proper place functions.php and renames to swc_comment_fields
– Added – Checked() and Selected()  – i.e. – replace if() {echo checked=checked} statements in swc_theme_options.php
– Added  – swc_validate_data function to swc_theme_options.php to sanitize the incoming data
– Recommend – Used checked and selected where appropriate in the options form
– Bug Fix – captioned image without alignment issue corrected
– Bug Fix – the narrow sidebars overlap the Sidebar Bottom widget corrected in main style.css
– Added – loading of language files if they exist to the function.php file
– Correction – added swc prefix to custom variables and function calls
– Recommend – get_bloginfo(stylesheet_directory) was found in the file functions.php – Use get_stylesheet_directory_uri() in place of
– Combined all theme option into a single options array ‘swc_theme_options’
– Combined all theme option setting into a single Theme Options page
– Bug Fix – Added CSS “clear” to the 404 and search page to fix a background issue.
– Removed – assets folder – swc_custom_logo_image, Swc_header_code, swc_sidebar_selection, swc_theme_color
– Bug Fix – Editor Style – correct the way List are displayed in the editor view

About: Jason Huber

Jason Huber is a multi-disciplinary, award winning web developer specializing application development and user experience.


  1. Katie says:

    Is there any way to make the Header Ad widget be able to support an image 486×120 instead of 486×60?

    • Jason Huber says:

      In the style.css for the theme change #headerad to 120px:

      #headerad {
      height: 60px;

      You make need to adjust the #headerright padding top height also:

      #headerright {
      width: 488px;
      float: right;
      margin: 0px;
      padding: 20px 0px 0px 0px;
      overflow: hidden;


  2. Matt says:

    Hi Jason,

    Love your theme and definitely plan on contributing if any of my sites are ever profitable.

    All the sites I use Simply Works for stopped being able to be tracked by Google Analytics after I updated.

    Or is it just me?

    Thanks again for the great theme and any help you can give me.


  3. Dave says:

    This is such a great theme.
    I am getting a small issue and cannot see any ‘pages’ in the header bar.
    Any ideas what that might be?
    I tried a clean WP install to eliminate plugins.
    Just checked against your screenshots and I don’t have a header bar.

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